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Flash Fiction Online

Flash Fiction

If you follow my blog at all, you know that I occasionally post a piece of micro or flash fiction here. Some people may not understand what a very short story or piece of writing is for or what to do with it. It’s there to enjoy, to simply read and maybe think about as you move through your day. I use flash fiction as inspiration. I use oneword.com to write most of my micro fiction. The site gives you a word and then 60 seconds to write whatever comes to your mind. It’s very inspirational and there is a great sense of satisfaction when you are finished with the piece. You can choose to continue it and polish it up from there, but I usually post the raw results.

Although there is some debate in the writing community about the length of flash fiction, generally it is a piece of fiction that is between 500 and 1,000 words long. However, some sources say a flash fiction story can be as low as 300 words and as high as 1,500 words. If you’re writing for your own enjoyment, that word count doesn’t matter. But if you’re writing for a publication, make sure you check their word count requirements for flash fiction.

While Googling ‘flash fiction online’ the other day, I realized there is actually a publication called Flash Fiction Online. Not only does it exist, but it’s really great. You can read flash fiction on their website, read copies on your kindle, subscribe to a print version of the magazine, and you can also submit your own flash fiction for publication. (If you don’t have a Kindle, you can purchase one here. If you don’t want to purchase one and have a tablet or smart phone, you can get a free Kindle app here.)

The thing about flash fiction, for me, is that it is addictive. I love short stories and have always been drawn to them. They give an immediate sense of success when you complete the story in a short amount of time. For busy people, short stories and flash fiction are little bites of literature that we can enjoy on a daily basis, without having to worry about forgetting what happened four days ago when we read for five minutes between meetings at work. It’s instant gratification that feeds my soul in bite sized pieces.

Flash Fiction Online is definitely a smorgasbord of delight for the flash fiction lover. Since I found the site, I have bookmarked it and read just about every story they currently have on their website. You can read past issues on their website as well. It’s only $9.99 for a year subscription to print (12 issues) or $0.99 per issue for Kindle purchases. It’s very affordable and extremely enjoyable.

Flash Fiction, as a whole, is a fairly new thing in the writing and reading world. My research indicates that the first real use of the term was in 1992 with the publication of a book called, ‘Flash Fiction: 72 Very Short Stories’. None of the 72 stories in the book are more than 750 words and it was hugely popular and still is to those who know of its existence.

So there’s a brief look into the world of flash fiction, a ‘flash look’ if you’ll be so kind as to indulge me. Check it out if you haven’t already, I think you’ll like it. Let me know what you think of flash fiction in the comments.

Happy Reading and Writing!
~ Eileen 🙂


Poetry line generator

Poets Online: Line Generator Tools

If you’re a poet, or even if you’re not, the Muse can elude even the best of us at times. If you’ve been following me for any period of time, you know I’m fond of all kinds of generators for inspiration. Although most of my current writing is fiction, my first love was Poetry and I still write poetry from time to time. Today, I felt like putting my poet’s hat on, the one with the jaunty feather, and sharing a cool line generator I found.

Clicking this link, Poets Online, will take you to the Poets Online website and specifically to the First Line Generator. There is a version two of the generator as well, if you’re interested in that. However, clicking the button that says ‘Click here to generate a line’  will result in a line of text being displayed in the box. The line of text is intended to be used as the first line of your poem or as inspiration for your poem.

Here’s the line I got the first time I clicked the button:

Poets Online 1



For some reason, I imagined astronauts in the 1960s going on their mission to the moon. I”m not sure where that came from, but here’s what I wrote:



Before the moment of our imagination

the men journey,

Their feet echoing hollowly

and leaving no mark on

sterile floors

The journey, the mission

one to share and not own

Amid inky night and

burning flames

One step for man

watched by all

dreamed by all.

Returning, a fallen angel

a return to grace

Under a cloudless sky


Happy Writing!

~ Eileen 🙂

I Write Like. . .

I Write Like . . .

Writing is fun. If you don’t think writing is fun, you shouldn’t be doing it. 🙂 This week’s resource is just a fun resource. You can visit the website for I Write Like and paste some text from one of your writing pieces into the box. Then click on Analyze and the tool will analyze your writing and tell you who you write like. I was surprised at the response for me (pictured below)! Here’s the link: I Write Like

I Write Like

Happy Writing!

~ Eileen 🙂

Don Jon Generators

Writing Tool

I’ve been writing some fantasy geared pieces lately and I was at a name block that I could not get over. So, I went to Google, of course and found several tools I found useful. One super cool tool website I found is called Don Jon

While some of the generators and tools here are specifically geared towards science fiction and fantasy, others could be used for regular fiction purposes or general writing prompts.

I always have a hard time thinking up names for characters that are not boring but also not off-the-wall weird and unpronounceable. These name generators give lots of options to choose from and I can find several useful and pleasing names within seconds.

Pop on over by clicking the Don Jon link above or the screenshot below!


Happy Writing!

~ Eileen 🙂