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Writing Prompts and Tips for Kids

When I was a kid, I remember having to write in a journal for English class. Although I loved writing, writing in a journal about myself was boring. I hated it. However, I LOVED to write stories and poetry.

If you’re trying to inspire young people to write, give them something interesting to write about. Here are 20 writing prompts to get kids going along with a few additional resources to find more writing prompts for kids.

20 Writing Prompts for Kids

  1. Write a story about a goat who has a picnic in the rain.
  2. Write a story about a crab who likes to write adventure stories.
  3. Write a story about a deer who must cross a rickety bridge.
  4. Write a story about a reindeer who makes an important discovery.
  5. Write a story about a butterfly who has a pet ant.
  6. Write a story about a clean toad who lives in a flower.
  7. Write a poem about a squirrel who drives a wagon.
  8. Write a story about a hawk whose family lives in a painting.
  9. Write a story about a wizard who is lost in a forest.
  10. Write a story about a champion who becomes a star in the sky.
  11. Write a story about an elegant enchantress who lives alone in a tower.
  12. Write a story about a bat who couldn’t fly.
  13. Write a poem about a cottage in the woods.
  14. Write a story about an obnoxious minstrel whose bravery is tested.
  15. Write a story about a monster who has a favorite food.
  16. Write a story about a crow who whistles while he fixes robots.
  17. Write a story about a two headed monster who plays soccer.
  18. Write a poem about someone from the past.
  19. Write a story about an explorer who turns invisible.
  20. Write a story about a kid who discovers a secret city.

Writing Prompts for Kids Resources

Scholastic Story Starters

This is a great resource for generating prompts for kids. You can choose the grade level and type of story and then spin the wheel to get a random prompt. It could be used for teenagers or adults who like to write too!

Super Teacher Worksheets

This site has some writing prompts on it that you can access for free. There are also some additional tools for teachers here. You can pay to be a member also. (I do not get anything for you becoming a member of this website.)

Journal Buddies

This site has a list of 75 writing prompts. Some are for journaling, but I think they can be used as a story starter too. Check it out and see what you think.

Writing Supplies

It’s also a great idea to provide kids with fun supplies to write with. Even as an adult, I love having a cute notebook and some colored pens to write with. Here are some links to some great products on that could making writing a little more fun for kids. (I get a commission from Amazon if you buy something from one of these links.)

Cute Journals

A cute journal goes a long way. It is fun to write in a journal that has a cute cover or even cute pages inside. It is way more fun than plain pages to write on!

Journals for Boys

Boys might not want a ‘cute’ journal, but it’s still more fun to write on something besides plain paper, so, this link has some journals that boys might like.

Colored Pens

The other super fun thing for writing is colored pens! I love writing in different colors depending on the part of the story or my mood. (I especially love Flair felt tip pens.)

In Summary

I hope these tips and hints are helpful and get your young people writing. My love affair with the written word began when I was very young. Even now, when I’m upset, I like to go to office supply stores and buy a little something. I find it comforting and inspiring. There’s nothing like a blank notebook and a cool pen to get my creative juices flowing. I could fill the pages with anything! Happy Writing!


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