Book Review: How to Make a Living with Your Writing – Joanna Penn

How to Make a Living with Your WritingBook Title: How to Make a Living with Your Writing
Author: Joanna Penn
Format: eBook
Series: Books for Writers
Volume: 2
Length: 126 Pages
Publication Date: June 22, 2015
Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0
Summary: Joanna Penn gives writers something to work towards in this great book about making a living as a writer. This book includes information on self-publishing, how to write books people actually will want to read and buy, different ways to make income from your writing, and shares insights from her own journey from cubicle farm to full-time writer.

Pros: This is a great book, chalk full of good information for writers. I really love her take on the writing life and the writing community. She encourages sharing the work of fellow writers and creating good karma for yourself and others in the writing community. I love that Ms. Penn is passionate about her chosen career and shares what she knows with us in so many ways.

Cons: I felt it was a bit salesy with links on almost every page to something Ms. Penn had wrote and had for sale. However, she did pepper in links to thinks for sale that were not hers. So there is the feeling that she is just offering what she think will help her fellow writers.

Reader Warnings: None

Conclusion: I recommend this book for writers looking to make money from their writing. It is geared more toward the beginner rather than someone who has already got their start in writing for a living, but sometimes that beginner information is useful to seasoned writers too.



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